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Armin G. Wildfeuer
in: Peace Studies of Religions 1/1 (Dez. 2019), 63-82
Publication year: 2019

The modern democratic constitutional state sees itself primarily as the protective order of human freedom, as a guarantor of human rights. The state is at the service of freedom. That is why it is not the state, but man as a person and the society formed by him that is at the center of the political order. The democratic constitutional state, as the political organization of society for the attainment of the common good, must guarantee the freedom of society, i.e. the persons and communities of persons living and working together in it and give it an order as good as possible. I try to explain this in four sections: A first section (1) deals with three fundamentally possible concepts of state that have been discussed and problematized in the course of the history of philosophy. In a second chapter (2), I look at the goals and tasks of the modern constitutional state, which is oriented towards the ethos of human rights. In a third chapter (3) I will explain to what extent the state must always serve freedom. It is this, my last paragraph (4) says, that makes it possible to speak of democracy as an order of peace. In the appropriate places I will also talk about the appropriate role religion can play within a modern democratic constitutional state.